Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Olympic Low-Odor Paint

Lowe's now sells a "low odor" zero VOC "green" Olympic paint product, which was used to paint Nature kidz' rooms in these pictures. There is a limited selection of colors, which is kind of a bummer--you have to choose yours from the display at Lowe's. Nature kidz had chosen different shades so when we learned we had to choose from Olympic's offerings, we made new choices. The dark blue is almost exactly the color of painter's tape--though that's not what the color is named, of course.

Nature Kid 2 (the dark blue, above) wanted a dark, intense color, and this paint delivered. We got the primer tinted as well to help get the color on--and let's just say I'm sure it will take many coats of new primer to change this if she decides she wants a lighter color! She absolutely loves it, and I'm getting used to it. The paint itself does what it promises--goes on with very low oder, which dissipates quickly. There is no "new paint" smell in our upstairs, despite there being two newly painted rooms.

Is this the same as conventional paint? No. It's thinner, more runny, and requires more application (coats) to get a good layer on. But to this mom, it's worth it. And more than anything, it's worth seeing the Kidz' happy smiles at their own uniquely designed bedrooms. Each child chose her own theme, paint color, and decor, and it has been really fun making curtains and accessorizing.

Try the paint! It's worth getting used to the differences to have the clear conscience and lack of stink!